Will Vapes Set Off Fire Alarms?

will vapes set off fire alarms

One of the biggest questions people ask about will vapes set off fire alarms is: will vapes set off fire alarms? While there is less chance of a fire alarm going off from vapor than there is from cigarette smoke, it can still happen. It all depends on the type of device, the wattage, and the amount of vapor it produces. Some devices produce massive clouds of vapor while others only produce tiny wisps. Knowing your wattage and avoiding vaping directly underneath an alarm should prevent you from accidentally setting off the fire detector.

Optical fire alarms work by sending an infrared beam around the room, and it will trigger the alarm when something breaks this beam. While this is usually a sign of smoke, it can also be triggered by things like dust, pet hair, and the vapor produced by a vape. It isn’t uncommon for a hotel fire alarm to be triggered by a guest’s vape.

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Ionisation fire alarms send a stream of ionised air between two electrically charged plates, and if any particulates enter the chamber they will disturb this flow. This type of alarm is the most likely to react to vapor, and it can be prone to what’s known as nuisance alarms from steam and cooking fumes.

Heat detectors are the least likely to be triggered by vapor, as they don’t measure for smoke at all. They measure the temperature of the entire room and are looking for a sudden rise in the air temperature that would be caused by a fire.

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