What is Optometric Ultrasound?

obstetric ultrasound

An obstetric ultrasound, or obstetric sonography, is the application of medical sonography at pregnancy, where sound waves are utilized to make real time visual images of the fetus or embryo in the woman’s uterus. These images are produced by detecting subtle differences in wave frequencies as each heartbeat and pregnant woman’s breathing varies. This technique provides valuable information on the development and health of the fetus and can also be used to locate the exact location of an unborn baby once it has been surgically removed. The advantages of using sonography for non-surgical imaging in the woman’s uterus are that it can provide high spatial resolution images of intricate structures, such as the cranium or spinal cord, which are difficult to detect with traditional surgical methods.


Women who undergo regular ultrasound examinations to monitor the health of their unborn babies can be certain that they are receiving the highest level of imaging technology available. As obstetric sonography techniques have improved, the detection and treatment of certain pregnancy conditions have also progressed. For instance, due to a lack of specific tools and technology several years ago, early detection of gestational diabetes was difficult and required the expertise and care of a highly trained team of professionals.


Ultrasound Sonography is used in conjunction with other diagnostic procedures and screening options to ensure positive pregnancy outcomes. It is now routinely used as part of routine pregnancy checkups. The majority of ultrasound procedures used today use very precise instruments that are able to produce high resolution images. Due to the advances in imaging technology and software, even a slight change in the signal obtained from one particular ultrasound scan can lead to the diagnosis and treatment of a different condition in the patient. This is why many women receive multiple ultrasounds during a pregnancy.

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