Tantra Certification Online – Phase I

Tantra Certification Online is a revolutionary course that provides all the information and resources required for an individual to fully and honestly comprehend and practice tantra. Tantra was originally a Sanskrit term referring to a spiritual path, but today it has come to mean love and intimacy, the very foundation of our being. This ancient art is the key to unlockers of profound intimacy in two ways: through meditation and through sex. Through the study of tantra, we can free ourselves from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual repression. Through tantra’s teachings, we can free ourselves from both shame and desire.

The Ultimate Deal On Tantra Certification Online – Phase I

Tantric Online educates us about the tantric secrets that lay hidden within the scriptures of the ancient tantric scriptures. It teaches us how to embrace our own sexuality through tantra and our bodies, while helping us overcome physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual repressions. The primary focus of this course is to provide a comprehensive path for our personal and spiritual evolution through tantra and its teachings. In particular, this course will address the importance and significance of tantra sex, and introduce you to tantra rituals and the power of tantra vibration.

After successfully completing your tantra certification, you will receive a lifetime of instructions and teachings, including tantric sexual positions and techniques, as well as tantric healing, meditation, and preparation for sex. This phase is designed to help you fully understand yourself and your sexuality, and to prepare you for the next phase, which is tantra god and tantra goddess consciousness. With continued learning and practice, you will achieve higher levels of spiritual intimacy and awaken to the spiritual power of your true self. As you progress through the two phases of this training, you will live a more fulfilled life, free from guilt and shame, and prepared to take on the challenges and pleasures of a new and sexually empowered life.

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