Phone And Computer Repairs

It’s amazing to me how many people do not realize that there are phone and computer repairs that can be done at home, without any special equipment or training. I used to work for a company that specialized in IT repairs, and we did most of the local phone and computer repairs, as well as all the networking and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) repairs. When I left that job, I decided to try my hand at repairing computers, as well as VOIP systems, and it seemed to me that this was a niche that needed some special attention. So, I started doing some research, trying to figure out what types of things I could do on my own since I did not have the experience or training to provide these services. Learn more here About Phone And Computer Repairs.

phone and computer repairs


Are You Ready For A Fix?

The problem with working from home, is that sometimes you do not know that there is a problem until you try to fix it. Therefore, many times I would call different technicians, such as Microsoft, Cisco, or others, to give them an estimate for some repairs. This gave me a good idea about certain things that needed to be repaired, but did not allow me to figure out if the problem actually required any special attention. As my research progressed, I found that there are several places that provide computer repair services, as well as phone and tablet repair services. Since there are so many options, and all of them were relatively inexpensive, I had no problem getting the equipment that I needed, and learning how to repair various computer parts.

One great option that I found was a limited lifetime warranty on many of the parts that are sold with the equipment. The limited lifetime warranty helped me to not only find the parts that I needed, but also to learn that most repair technicians use the same parts. Therefore, they are rarely ever differentiating between parts and will try to fix the problem using the same parts that everyone else uses. This has always been a big plus for me when dealing with computer repair technicians. Most technician will even help you set up your new computer should you need to do this.

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