IV Therapy – What Is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy involves a medical professional inserting a small tube called a cannula into your vein, typically in the crook of your arm. A bag containing liquids and vitamins is attached to the cannula, so they drip directly into your bloodstream. This allows nutrients to bypass the digestive tract and deliver results faster and more effectively.

What conditions can IV therapy treat?

The ingredients of an IV drip vary depending on what it is being used for, but the base ingredient is typically saline (water and sodium chloride). A solution that contains sugar (like dextrose or levulose) is often added to help normalize low levels of blood sugar and provide extra energy. The antioxidant glutathione, which has a wide range of health benefits, is another common IV additive. Antibiotics can also be administered via IV.

You can receive an 417 INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE at a specialty facility, sometimes referred to as an “IV bar,” or you can use a concierge service like Mobile IV Medics that comes to your home. The process usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour and involves no pain or discomfort.

IV therapy can be useful for anyone who wants to hydrate, replenish their body’s vitamins and minerals, boost their immune system, or relieve symptoms of illness and hangovers. It can also benefit those with chronic conditions, gastrointestinal issues or malabsorption problems.

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