IPQualityScore Fraud Prevention Tools


learn about IPQS  is a suite of fraud prevention tools designed to help you Proactively Prevent Fraud(tm) by automatically screening users and transactions with advanced reputation checks and risk analysis data. Our tools reduce the risk of chargebacks, fake accounts, phishing attacks, account takeover (ATO), and more. We have the right solution for every business size and audience, from small and medium sized businesses to enterprise companies and the world’s most popular websites.

Demystifying IP Intelligence: Deep Dives into IPQualityScore and Its Applications

IPQS’s robust API suite enables your business to quickly deploy highly accurate proxy detection, geo location intelligence, and other risk scoring to prevent advanced fraudsters. This includes residential proxies, private VPN connections, tor nodes, and other types of connection that are associated with phishing, pharming, bots, or other malicious activity.

Score users & transactions with comprehensive reputation checks based on a combination of real time data points to predict how likely a user is to engage in fraudulent behavior. This includes credit card information, device fingerprinting, email verification, and more. Reduce fraud, suspicious payments, and high-risk clicks without sacrificing your user experience by implementing IPQS fraud detection.

Phone Number Verification

Identify high-risk and low quality users with our global phone number validation. Our tool uses a unique set of data points to accurately verify and score the reputation of a mobile or landline number globally. Using the latest in machine learning, our predictive risk model is able to identify high-risk countries and regions. This allows you to focus your resources on the highest priority markets.

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