How to Break Into Broadcasting

The best sports broadcasters make you feel like you’re sitting in the stands with the fans. It’s no wonder we love them—those who can convey the excitement, energy and emotion of a game capture our hearts and minds. This can be a challenging job, but it’s one of the most rewarding careers in mass media. Read more

As a sports broadcaster, you will work in radio and television. You will give play-by-play and commentary during live games, and you may even interview players or coaches before and after the game. Some sports broadcasters also host weekly radio shows about a particular sport.

The Impact of Social Media on Sports Broadcasting

You will work closely with the production team to help create a seamless broadcast. This includes researching the sport, studying team and player statistics and staying up to date on current news about the sport. Research and preparation is a big part of the job, but you must be able to think fast on air, too, especially during high-stress moments during a live broadcast.

In order to break into this career, you’ll need a strong demo reel, which is a media sample that showcases your work and talents. Your demo reel can include work from your coursework, on-campus radio or TV experiences, or an internship. The facilities and equipment that you have access to during your graduate program will play a role in the quality of your demo reel, so be sure to choose a program that provides students with access to world-class studios, software and production labs.

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