Garage Door Seal – Why Is It Necessary?

garage door brush seal

Description: Action Industries residential garage door brush seal systems provide better resistance to dirt, draft, moisture, and drafts from the sides and top of your garage door. The specially designed foam-filled brush allows you to brush the edges of the door, not only on its entire length but also at the jambs, moldings, and corners, thus reducing drafts and allowing increased energy efficiency. Also, by reducing the amount of water vapor entering your garage, it decreases air conditioning cost and keeps your garage at a comfortable temperature during the summer, which translates to extended use and savings. Brush seal also prevents heat loss from the garage during the winter season and saves on cooling recovery during the hot summer months.

Garage Door Seal

Benefits: Using an air-tight garage door can be expensive if you do not have a budget for special treatment. The cost of treating your garage depends on the design of your garage door and the size of your garage. Also, the more complex the design the higher the cost. If your door is improperly sealed or damaged, the performance of your garage door can suffer and this might mean higher energy bills, more time and effort to keep your home energy efficient, and more cost to fix problems with your door that can be easily avoided with brush seal. And it can be a safety issue as well as an aesthetic one.

How it works: If you have an old garage door, you can apply the foam to both sides of your doors, and between the panels. Make sure to smooth the edges of the panels before sealing. When sealing your garage doors, always start with the right side first and work your way to the left. Seal your garage doors using high quality urethane foam, a product developed especially for the protection of your garage’s doors. This product has been tested and certified for its safety, energy efficiency, and airtightness so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family and your home while you’re working on a major project.

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