Clairvoyance – How to Become Clairvoyant


Clairvoyance is one of the most common psychic abilities, and also the easiest to develop. It means “clear seeing,” and it allows you to gain knowledge about a person or object through extrasensory perception. It is often described as a vision or picture in your mind’s eye, but it can also involve you seeing auras and colors around people, divining the future, and even communicating with spirits!

The word voyance discount planning comes from the French words clair (clear) and voyance (seeing). This means it’s not only about imagining things in your head, but that you can actually see them! This is similar to the way your brain works when you are dreaming or daydreaming. This is because clairvoyants are very visual people, and they have very strong visualization skills.

Famous Clairvoyants Throughout History: Their Prophecies and Stories

Many of us have had experiences that may seem like clairvoyance, such as knowing when a family member is in trouble without calling them or sensing traffic problems before they happen. These are simple intuitions, but when you hone your clairvoyant abilities, they can be extremely helpful!

Another sign you are clairvoyant is that you can easily solve complicated puzzles or problems. This is because you can see how all the pieces fit together and create a clear picture in your mind’s eye. It’s the same reason that you have a knack for creating new designs and ideas that others can’t figure out how to make work. And remember that the imaginary friend you had as a kid was probably your spirit guide helping and guiding you!

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