90s Attire

90s attire was all about colors, bold patterns and geometric shapes. Typical items of apparel included oversized tees, baggy trousers and cargo pants.

Turtlenecks were another popular item of clothing. During the 1990s, men often wore them knotted around their waist. They were also worn with a variety of different pants.

Flannel shirts were also a popular item of clothing. They were often buttoned or unbuttoned and were worn over graphic tees. These shirts were particularly popular with women.

Crop tops were also a huge fashion item of the 1990s. Many crop tops were short, often stopping just above the belly button. Some crop tops were also dressy.

Bandanas were another popular accessory of the nineties. Many celebrities have incorporated this trend into their wardrobes.

Jelly shoes were a key piece of nineties attire. These shoes were made from PVC and gave the wearer a high heel feeling. Aside from being inexpensive, these shoes were practical and fun.

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Tracksuits were another staple of the nineties. These pieces allowed the wearer to dance while looking fresh.

Sports jerseys were another popular piece of apparel. Baseball jerseys were a favorite for both girls and boys.

Grunge outfits were also popular in the 1990s. These outfits often featured ripped or shredded jeans and chunky boots. This style was also associated with a laid-back attitude.

Baggy trousers and overalls were another important piece of attire in the 1990s. These were often worn with a halter neck top or crop top.

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